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Hey there! Welcome to As I’m sure you can tell by now, our site is all about playing craps, as well as finding the best online casinos for craps. And if you couldn’t tell, well… maybe gambling isn’t a good idea for you right now.

I’m joking.

Seriously though, on our site you’ll find all kinds of information about craps. If you’re a beginner, we’ll explain the rules, how a round of craps goes and what all the different numbers and pictures on a craps table means.

If you’re an intermediate or experienced craps player, then you might be more interested in our systems and strategies articles, or learning how to find the best casinos to play craps at.

All in all — we have a little bit of something for every craps fan.

Best Online Casinos for Craps

Rank Casinos USA Bonus Bonus Code Casino Reviews
#1 Bovada USA Accepted $3,000 None Needed Bovada Review
#2 Betonline USA Accepted 25%/$1,000 None Needed BetOnline Review
We’re aware that not everyone that visits our site wants to learn more about craps, but instead would like to find the best casino to play craps at. So don’t let us stop you. Provided above are our top 3 choices for where you should play craps online. They are the best in terms of safety/trust, bonuses, games and deposits/withdrawals. Check them out.

Finding the BEST online casinos for craps games today?

One reason why you might have landed on our site is to learn more about craps systems and strategies. So I’m going to dedicate the rest of this page to craps systems and of course guiding you to the best casinos on the internet to play the game itself. I’ll explain more about what they are, if they’re effective and if craps systems are worth your time or not.

Ok, So What Are Craps Systems?

A craps system is essentially a method for winning at craps. Systems vary from game to game, but in regards to craps, systems usually have to do with how bets are made, their size and how often a bet is placed.

There are many (many, many, many) craps systems out there. The most popular ones are systems like the Martingale, CPR, Iron Cross and Fibonacci. There are other systems, of course, and many more that aren’t nearly as well-known. Systems that are made up by your average Joe, then passed (or worse, sold) in casinos, online forums and websites.

What is the Best or Most Effective System?

This is where you’re going to love us, or hate us.

The truth of the matter is that there is not a “best,” “top” or “most effective” craps system. There is not a craps system out there that will help you beat the game, or turn you into a long term winner.

Let me repeat that again:

There is no such thing as a winning craps system.

So with that in mind, let me answer the question again.

The best craps system is the one that you have the most fun with. Makes sense, right, because you’re not going to get a positive return. So you might as well use a system that makes craps more interesting to play, or that maybe prolongs your bankroll. If your bankroll lasts longer, that you means you can play longer.

That sounds like a good time to me.

Why Don’t Craps Systems Work?

Craps systems are ineffective because craps is not a game of skill. In other words, you have absolutely no control, other than if you were to cheat, on the outcome of your roll(s). As a result, you can’t confidently or strategically place a bet and expect  to win.

The bottom line is that craps is a game of luck. When you mix that with the types of bets that casinos allow you to make, games like craps are full of tiny (and not so tiny) mathematical disadvantages. Overtime, any luck that you may have had will slowly run out, and the true odds or expectations will rear their ugly little heads — aka, if you haven’t lost in the short term, you can bet your ass you will in the long run.

If Systems Don’t Work, How Come People Still Sell and/or Buy Them?

That’s a good question, and quite frankly, I have no idea.

Well, that’s not entirely true — I know why people still sell systems, despite knowing they don’t work. Quite simply, there’s a market for craps systems. People want systems guaranteed to beat the casinos so that they can win lots of money, so other people with questionable morals and values sell systems to them.

On the other side of the fence, I couldn’t tell you why people buy systems. Especially when there is mathematical proof that craps cannot be beaten. Some people just refuse to believe it, thinking that their craps system will be the one that brings down the house.


I would also imagine that, for some people, they have to find a way to justify playing a losing game.

Another thought is that many gamblers have that mindset that they’re due or that it’s possible to run really hot. It’s irrational thinking, and I’m sure it carries over to them buying systems, books and coaching.

Anyway, The Point Is…

Craps isn’t a game that can be beaten. So if there is anything that you take away from this site, please let it be that. Play craps and use craps systems to have fun and make your experience interesting. With that mindset you’ll never leave (or log out of) a casino disappointed.

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